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Nemanja Milosavljevic

Nemanja Milosavljevic was born on May 14, 2004, in the city hospital in Vrsac. He grew up with his mother Tatjana, father Nenad and sister Katarina. From an early age, Nemanja was a big fan of video games, starting his "gaming career" with famous games such as "Call of duty: World at war" and "Grand theft car: San Andreas".

Пошто нема слике, описаћу своје расположење не њој. Т У Г А....

Nemanja has always been interested in how his favorite games work and although he searched the internet a lot, he found little about how they actually work. He determined his interest in programming and computers by enrolling in the professional direction "Electrical Technicians of Information Technologies" in the secondary vocational school "Nikola Tesla" in Vrsac. To help future generations explore video games more easily, Nemanja decided to make this site.

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