Far Cry video game series

Far Cry is a FPS openworld game series made by Canadian corporation Ubisoft. The first title used their new developed CryEngine wich they later upgraded.

Series contains 5 main titles:

And tree side-games:

Far Cry games do not have any significant shared narrative elements but the base of the games is always the same. The main character is placed in wilderness where a war is going on and chooses a side to fight on. The series is famous for it's exelent single-player and story, but after few few titels Ubisoft added a co-op mode so you can enjoy your favourite story with your friends. Graphics were always fantastic and always on top of the market.

Some iconic things that made the series recognisable are outpost liberations, radio tower climbing, animal hunting and crafting equipment from their skin, lether or fur.

The series earned many prestiege awards and in 2014 Ubisoft reached 20 milion sold copies. The first title was available on PC, but the fellow games were available on Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox consols. On this summer we are about to get the 6th game in this apsolutely fantastic franchise wich we're very excited for.

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