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Elon Reeve Musk is South African-American entrepreneur and engineer.
He is the founder, director and head engineer/designer of SpaceX company, co-creator, director and product designer in company Tesla, co-founder and director of Neuralink company, co-founder and director of StarLink company, and co-creator of PayPal.
In December 2016. he took a 21. place on Forbs list of most powerful people in the world. Since January 2019, his neto fortune has been valued at 21,4 billion dollars,and in year 2018. he was at 54. placeat Forbs list of most powerful people in the world. Since January 2021, he has taken title of most powerful man in the world.
He was born and grow up in South African Republic, and emigrated to Canda when he was 17 years old, to stydy at Queen's University in Kingstone. Two years later, he has been sent to University of Pensilvania, where he graduated economу in Barton school and physics on faculty for art and science. In 1995. he started a master studies from applied physics and science about materials at Stanford Universitz, but he gave up after 2 days to start entrepreneurial career.
Later he founda software company Zip2, which got bought by Compaq in 1999. for 340 million dollars.
Mask than found X.com, internet bank, which got merged with Confinity in 2000. and later that year, it became PayPal. Ebay has bought Paypal in October of 2002. for 1.5 billion dollars. In May of 2002, Musk found aeronautical company SpaceX, where he is director and head designer. He helped in financing of Tesla company, maker of electric cars and solar panels, and in 2003. he became director and product architect. He inspired creation of SolarCity company in 2006. Musk co-founded OpenAI, unprofitable research company which goal is to promote friendly AI. In July of 2016. he co-founded Neuralink, neurotehnological company focused on developing interface between brain and computer, where he is a CEO. In December of 2016. Musk found The Boring Company, company that builds and designs tunels. Except these jobs, he found super-fast transport system known as Hyperloop, and he also suggested verical rising и and landing of supersonical planes with electrical propulsions of ventilators, known as Musk electric jet.
Musk said that his vision is to change the world and humanity by reducing the global warming, using sustainable energy and reducing the risk of "human extermination" and colonizing the Mars.