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National parks

of Serbia


It was founded in 1974. The greatest natural values ​​are mixed deciduous forests consisting of walnut, bear hazel, nettle and beech, as well as lilac shrubs. Also, limestone cliffs are a habitat for rare plants, and the river course of the Danube is a habitat for rare fish: sturgeon and cod. Within this park there is also Lepenski Vir, an archeological site. Djerdap is the largest national park in Serbia.


This national park was founded in 1981. Its wealth consists of mixed forests of spruce, fir, beech and maple, where the old spruce forests ("Balkan taiga"), subalpine communities of dwarf spruce and fallen juniper, as well as limestone cliffs that are the habitat of rare plants such as eelgrass stand out. Pebbles are also a habitat for rare species.


Like Kopaonik, the greatest natural values ​​of this park, founded in 1981, are the forests of Pančić spruce, rainforests of beech, fir and spruce, as well as the peat bog surrounded by the mentioned forest of Pančić spruce.

Fruška Gora

This national park was founded in 1960. Its greatest values ​​include deciduous sessile, hornbeam and beech forests, as well as fragments of steppe vegetation. As for the cultural and historical value, there are 17 monasteries in this. Due to the important role of these monasteries in the development and preservation of the spirituality of the Serbian people, Fruška gora was often called the Serbian Holy Mountain.

Šar mountain

It was founded in 1986. The greatest values ​​of the Šar Mountains are the preserved forests of molika and munika, but also the mixed deciduous forests that represent the habitat of the Balkan lynx. There are also shrub communities of pine curves, and high mountain regions and serpentine rocks are habitats of rare plants. There are also glacial circuses with glacial lakes on Šara.

Nature reserves
Special Nature reserves Year of declaration City/Municipality Area (km²)
Deliblato sands 1965 Alibunar, Bela Crkva, Vršac, Kovin 348.29
Gornje podunavlje 1987 Sombor, Apatin 196.5
Carska bara 1955 Zrenjanin 47.26
Uvac 1969 Nova Varoš, Sjenica 75.43
Suva Planina 2015 Niška Banja, Bela Palanka 181.17
Rtanj 2019 Sokovanja, Boljevac 50.3

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