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National parks

of Norway


This park is the largest national park in Norway and includes a large number of mountain peaks, including the highest, Galdhøpiggen. There are also many lakes and rivers, allowing for various activities such as fishing and kayaking.


This park became the first protected area in Norway precisely because of its mountain peaks. Here it is possible to enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape, find many different types of animals, and enjoy a large number of different activities, including beautiful mountain trails.


This park represents one of the largest and wildest mountain regions in Europe. There are a large number of lakes, rivers, and glaciers, and it is ideal for various activities such as hiking, walking, and camping.


This park represents a large nature zone with a rich plant and animal world. Here you can find deer, wild grey grouse, musk ox, and other endangered species. The park is ideal for walking, camping, and wildlife watching.


This park is home to one of the largest ice glaciers in Europe. There are a large number of active glaciers and ice rivers, making it ideal for exploring the glacier. The park has various hiking trails and opportunities for ice exploration.

Nature reserves
Special Nature reserves Year of declaration City/Municipality Area (km²)
Norsk-Trondheim Botanical Garden 1977 Trondheim 353
Oksar 1973 Western coast of Norway 586
Dovrefjell 1974 Dovre 1.412
Hardangervidda 1981 Stavanger 682
Folgefjell 2005 Western coast of Norway. 545

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