About me

About myself I could really say a lot, but it won't be honest and maybe everything I write sounds pretentious.

It would be nicer for someone else to write about me, but I will try to be as objective as possible. First I have to tell you honestly that I love myself as a person and that I don't have a bad opinion of myself.

It will be hard for me to be very strict and say everything as it is.

I think I'm not a bad person and I'm doing good things for the people around me and who deserve it.

I'm glad I've been seen in society because I'm second, and I try to be supportive of the people I love. I don't judge others, because I don't want others to judge me either, I often laugh, I like to joke with others, and at my own expense.

Strict I am when it comes to things that they are important and I don't like injustice to myself or others. Everything I can do, I will gladly do. I can't boast a particularly beautiful appearance, I would characterize myself more as a nice person who is more adorned with a cheerful character than appearance.

It's not nice to write about yourself in a positive way, it's better when someone others say their opinion about you. It's hard to be objective when talking about yourself.


email: emilijalazaarov@gmail.com

Top 10 questions about digital violence

  1. Am I a victim of online violence? How do I tell an unsavory joke from violence?
  2. What are the consequences of digital violence?
  3. Who should I talk to if I'm a victim of online violence?
  4. I experience violence on the internet, but I'm afraid to talk to my parents about it. How do I tell them about my problem?
  5. How can I help my friends report violence, especially if they are afraid to report it themselves?
  6. The Internet gives me access to various information, but also exposes me to possible violence. How can we stop violence and continue to use digital technologies?
  7. How can I prevent someone from misusing my personal information online?
  8. Is there a penalty for digital violence?
  9. Can technology companies be held accountable for digital violence?
  10. Are there online tools to protect children and young people from digital violence?


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