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This small business is run by Marina Kulman.

Translation to Serbian.

Welcome to the site M.K. Nails

All nail technicians begin their education by learning the basics such as cutting, filing, painting and proper safety techniques. This course covers things like every tool a technician could use, how to disinfect and keep them clean, and how to shape nails of all different sizes.
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... Life is not perfect, but your nails can be.....

Nail technicians are beauty experts who maintain and decorate nails on feet and hands by doing manicures, pedicures, applying artificial nails and extensions, removing dead skin, as well as light massages. A successful nail technician has patience to work diligently and pay great attention to detail.

images What I love most about a trip to the nail salon is it's basically an oasis of endless possibilities. An acrylic overlay is the combination of a liquid monomer and powder polymer that creates a hard protective layer over your natural nail.

images A basic manicure is your standard manicure. "The nail tech will start off by soaking your hands in warm soapy water to soothe and soften dead skin cells," Higuchi says. "Then, the nail tech will file and buff, clean the cuticle, and massage your hands with a hand cream. Painting the base coat, color, and top coat is next and then a cuticle oil is applied."

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