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About me

My name is Bogoljub Kalaji, I am 16 years old and I am the owner of this site. I am studying at the high school School Center "Nikola Tesla" in Vršac. I also attend the music school "Josif Marinković", and I play the guitar. As a child, I showed great interest in computers, and games (maybe it sounds a bit like any other child, but it's not).My father repaired computers for several years, so I learned a lot about computers from him. Due to the great interest in computers, I enrolled in such a course. In addition to all that, I expressed a desire to play the guitar, so I enrolled in music school. Of course, as far as computers are concerned, I learned from my father to play guitar chords.I never liked theory, not even in elementary school and in music school, that part was not better. Now, in high school, I study many operations that seemed impossible to me before.

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