Greetings, my name is Andrija Stajić, I come from Bela Crkva, which is located in South Banat, I go to secondary school ŠC: "Nikola Tesla" in Vršac,
and there during the week I stay in the boarding school for high school students in Vršac. I am currently in my second year, and web design started to
interest me at the beginning of my second year when I got the course WEB DESIGN.

In the upper right corner you can see a couple of icons that lead to my social networks and google account. Notice that next to it there is an icon consisting
of three lines that when you click on it, a menu will appear on the side that leads to other pages. Find out what White Church, My School looks like and which
is my choice for the best movie to watch.

Below I created an animation using only HTML and CSS, and a menu that opens and closes using JavaScript.